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Trailer Repair

Trailer Repair

The Common Signs Your Truck Needs Immediate Repair

Truck Repair Expert handles a complete range of trailer repair and service work. From routine maintenance to damage repairs and whatnot, our skilled workers can handle all kinds of repair jobs on all kinds of trailers using only the latest tools and techniques. Our team of skilled Trailer Mechanics is available round the clock to help you out. We perform repair services on both new and old trailers of almost all popular brands, makes and models.

Here’s a list of all the Trailer Repair services provided by Truck Repair Expert. Besides these services, you can also get a customized repair depending upon your unique problem.

Our workers will be more than happy to help you out in this regard.pap

  • Trailer Wheel Repair
  • Diesel Engine Services
  • Body and Skin Repair
  • Brakes Adjustments
  • Electrical Wiring and Lighting Repairs
  • Trailer Interior Maintenance
Trailer Wheel Repair

From impacts, curb rashes, and potholes, trailer wheels absorb extreme abuse threatening air retention and wheel integrity over time. We straighten bent rims and repair cosmetic damage while checking associated brake and hub components for wear issues using precise alignment racks. Damaged beyond repair wheels get replaced and rebalanced protecting tires and bearings from accelerated deterioration.

Diesel Engine Services

Generator Set Repairs

Onboard gensets supply vital creature comforts and amenity power accessing sites lacking hookups. Our technicians tackle troubles like surging, misfiring, or blackouts resulting from bad sensors, filters, injectors, or control boards. We tune motors to clean steady power optimized for onboard demands. Certifications across leading commercial genset brands expedite diagnosis and parts sourcing.

Hydraulic System Maintenance

Electric/hydraulic landing legs, stabilizers, slide-outs, and leveling jacks employ interconnected cylinders, pumps, and valves vulnerable to leaks or crimped hoses limiting functions over time. We pressure test integrity while inspecting fittings and reservoirs. We also flush old fluid replacing it with freshly formulated lubricant optimized for hydraulic responsiveness across temperature extremes experienced on the road.

What type of Trailer Repair is best for your vehicle?

Truck Repair Expert offers trailer services on suspension, axles, trailer jacks, brakes, and much more. In addition to this, there is a wide range of general repair and service needs that we handle. What is best for you can only be recommended after a thorough inspection of your trailer. Our team of experts will spend some time inspecting the vehicle and diagnosing the problem with it. Once that is done, we’ll recommend you a proper working plan to deal with that issue and then get to work. The whole process will be complete as early as possible so that you don’t have to deal with downtime a lot and can be back on the road in no time.

In short, our trailer mechanics can handle just about anything so don’t worry if you’ve ended up in an unusual situation. Just let Truck Repair Expert handle the problem and leave all the worry to us.

Major & Minor Repairs

Emergency Trailer Repair Services

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Long haul equipment operates around the clock exposed to failure risks far from repair bays. But commercial trailers contain complex interconnected electrical, hydraulic, and computing systems requiring expert diagnoses beyond basic towing. Our certified mobile techs carry diagnostic computers, specialty tools, and OEM parts enabling precise troubleshooting and repairs roadside. We restore transport abilities affordably while protecting sensitive electronics from well-intentioned but under qualified first responders.

Rapid Response Fleet

The sad thing about mechanical vehicles is that they undergo a lot of wear and tear while on the road and sooner or later breakdown. This happens even to the best of trailers and on the most unexpected of times. So, if you’ve ended up in such a situation at an odd time, don’t worry at all. We’ve got you covered. Truck Repair Expert provides round the clock trailer repair and maintenance services that can be availed on the road. Our extensive fleet is positioned to reach disabled trailers quickly for timely extraction or onsite remedies restoring productivity with minimal downtime disruptions.

Benefits of Trailer Maintenance Services by Truck Repair Expert

Life Cycle Cost Optimization

Preventative maintenance not only averts unexpected breakdown costs but also maximizes equipment life cycles through proactive fluid and filter changes. Extending component longevity beyond baseline expectations before declining efficiency prompts control module adaptations delaying trade-in needs. You realize full ROI on equipment investments via enhanced reliability, trade-in value, and operational windows.

Component Protection

Regular inspection and calibration workflows mitigate exponential damage inflicted when minor underlying issues go unchecked. Our technicians spot fluid seepage, belt/bearing noise, and electrical arcing well before catastrophic failures through road testing and sensor data review. We also ensure optimal lubrication, tensioning, and responsiveness upholding as-new performance over extensive mileages under full loads. Prioritize managed maintenance programs as profit-preserving investments.

You can rely on our specialist trailer services – from rapid response and overnight repairs to managed maintenance programs – helping ensure equipment remains revenue-generating assets instead of profit-draining liabilities through maximized functionality and lifecycles.

Truck Repair Expert offers comprehensive trailer repair services, from routine maintenance to damage repairs. Our skilled trailer mechanics are available round the clock, handling everything from wheel repairs to diesel engine services. We provide services such as body and skin repair, brake adjustments, electrical wiring, and lighting repairs, and trailer interior maintenance. With our emergency roadside assistance and rapid response fleet, you can trust us to keep your trailers in optimal condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Our Trailer Repair technician specializes in providing efficient and dependable services for all types of trailer repair. With a focus on swift turnarounds and top-notch craftsmanship, to ensure trailers are roadworthy and compliant with safety standards. 

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