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24hour Mobile Truck Service

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Truck Repair Expert strives to provide truck owners, operators, and fleets with the most efficient and reliable mobile truck service at extremely affordable rates. Our extensive network of workers, technicians, and office staff work together to ensure top-notch mobile truck service delivery to all our customers and we prioritize the satisfaction of our customers over everything. 

Reliability remains a core tenant of our operations, and to that end, we’ve established a fleet of mobile service trucks stationed strategically throughout the region. This fleet allows us to maintain industry-leading response times, priding ourselves on arriving at any breakdown location within 30 to 45 minutes of receiving notice.

In addition to our reputation for excellence in repair and maintenance services at our shop facilities, we provide 24/7 mobile truck repair responses capable of handling emergencies at a moment’s notice.

Rightly referred to as an emergency mobile truck repair service, our fleet stands ready around the clock to respond to urgent situations as promptly as possible. A substantial number of service vehicles comprise this fleet, equipped with extensive tool and equipment caches tailored to address the diagnostic and repair needs of trucks across all product lines and sizes. Using cutting-edge technology, our fleet carries the latest automated diagnostic computers and specialized tools to help technicians identify issues efficiently and perform repairs accurately.

Our Capabilities

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our mobile fleet features fully stocked workshop trucks carrying an extensive array of commercial-grade power tools, jacks, lifts, and troubleshooting instruments. Onboard computers access vast repair databases along with real-time parts sourcing logistics. Our inventory includes motors, transmissions, computers, pumps, and more to replace suspected defective components onsite. We constantly upgrade mobile truck service equipment to leverage the latest diagnostic and repair innovations for maximum field efficiency.

Highly Skilled Technicians

Truck Repair Expert recruits certified commercial truck mechanics with advanced transmission, electronics, and drivetrain specializations plus diesel engine expertise spanning major OEMs. We further develop talents with ongoing training on emerging technologies and repair techniques. Personnel must demonstrate proficiencies before earning mobile dispatch qualifications. Our rigorous selection and development processes ensure we deploy the industry’s best professionals to customer sites.

Safety First Culture

When enacting roadside repairs, we make no compromises on safety for passing motorists, customers, or team members. Our trucks feature amber caution beacons, reflective striping, cones, and signage to protect work zones. Technicians wear high-visibility vests and strictly follow safe lifting, blocking, and tool handling protocols. We only utilize OEM or equivalent components meeting strict quality controls during parts swaps. Following repairs, all vehicles undergo thorough road tests and final inspections.

Normally, mobile truck service is quite expensive and charges heavy premiums for being able to report on time. With 24 Hour Mobile Truck Repair Service you can be completely carefree as the prices are really affordable.

On top of that, we don’t charge any hidden service charges that pump up the bills. The services meet the prices we charge and you will be completely satisfied with the value for money you’ll be getting once we get done with the repair. After a quick fix by 24 Hour Mobile Truck Repair Service, you’ll be able to drive safely without running into any problems again for a long time.

Besides our pre-designed truck repair packages, all of our 24-hour mobile truck repair services are fully customizable. You can get in touch with us and after talking to our experienced workers, decide on what kind of repair you require. Our workers utilize the latest equipment to run a full diagnosis of the truck and then find out the root of the problem and then fix it. Since we value our customers a lot, we do not compromise on their satisfaction one bit. Everything is done according to the satisfaction of our customers and our workers keep at it until the truck owner is fully satisfied with the repair.

Our Specialized Services
Truck Repair

Our Specialized Services

Drivetrain and Transmission Repairs

Common causes of truck breakdowns involve drivetrain components like engines, motors, and transmissions. Our mobile technicians specialized training for precise diagnosing these complex systems utilizing digital tools and trace measurements. We identify root causes – whether electronics, mechanical failures, or linkage issues. Carrying a full inventory of parts, we can rapidly swap defective modules roadside. Some of the installed components also carry warranty protection against defects.


Electrical and Lighting Repairs

Improperly operating exterior lights or faulty onboard electronics controlling critical functions present safety issues and non-compliance risks. Our techs troubleshoot electrical shorts, harness damage, connector troubles, or component defects using multimeters, circuit testing, and visual inspections. We repair wiring integrity, replace blown fuses, or swap damaged switches, sensors, and lighting fixtures. We also update electronics and programming per the latest OEM specs during repairs.


Brake and Suspension Repairs

Brake, axle, or suspension problems severely compromise vehicle stability and control. Technicians thoroughly inspect for damaged or worn components like loose linings, seized calipers, worn pads, rotors or drums, and leaking hydraulic systems indicative of issues. After road testing handling, we enact necessary parts replacements or alignments to restore safe operation. We also flare brake lines and refill fluids as needed before usage approvals.


Fluid and Filters Servicing

Running on old fluids and clogged filters strains systems and accelerates wear. Our mobile techs carry fresh oils, lubricants, additives, and filters for everything from engines to hydraulics. During repairs or preventative maintenance, we drain and refresh vital fluids while installing new filters restoring flow efficiency. Proper fluid and filter protocols extend component longevity between major overhauls.

You can contact us to schedule a maintenance or repair service you require. We look forward to serving you.

Mobile Truck Service delivers convenient and efficient on-site maintenance and repair solutions for trucks. With a fleet of mobile units staffed by skilled technicians, they offer prompt assistance for a range of issues, from engine malfunctions to brake problems. Their goal is to minimize downtime, ensuring trucks stay operational and businesses remain on track with their schedules. Trust our Mobile Truck Service for reliable on-the-go support. 


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