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About Us

Our story

Truck Repair Expert was started as a comprehensive solution to all truck, trailer, RV, and commercial vehicle repair and maintenance services. We started with one goal of providing the highest quality services that are both reliable, and affordable by an average consumer. We grew over the years to increase our service portfolio to what it is today and we are proud of the fact that each service we provide is top-notch, completely reliable, and certified on all the necessary standards. Years and years of operating in the industry in different locations has given us the expertise to deal with all problems confidently and provide our customers a service that they remember and keep returning to over and over again.

Our Services

Truck Repair Expert provides a wide range of repair, maintenance, and replacement services for trucks, RVs, trailers, and heavy commercial equipment of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Here’s a list of all major services that we provide both at our workshops and on the road,

  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Semi-Truck Repair
  • Commercial Tire Repair
  • Trailer Repair
  • Mobile Truck Service
  • Truck Road Service

If something is not present on this list, don’t assume that we don’t provide it. Our services are fully customizable and are actually recommended after a thorough inspection of your vehicle by our team of experts using the latest tools and equipment in the market.

Cutting Edge Equipment & Skilled Workers

One of the factors that separates Truck Repair Expert from all

our competitors is that we use only the latest industry- standard techniques to carry out all our repair and maintenance works. This not only helps us operate on vehicles of all makes and brands, but also makes the process more safe and reliable. Our equipment allows us to diagnose the issue properly and fix the problem properly. Each worker is well trained and has all the necessary know-how required to operate these tools. The work each person does is exemplary and the quality of the service is unmatchable. Our staff is incredibly cooperative and once you work with us, you will be convinced that we are in fact the truck repair experts in town.

Customer Satisfaction – Our Top Priority

The main goal of providing such premium quality services at highly affordable prices is to ensure that our customers go home fully satisfied. Through proper communication and reporting, we ensure that everything we do to the truck is done with complete satisfaction of the customer. There are zero shortcomings and every service is performed with complete attention to detail. This is also the reason we now have thousands of satisfied customers who prefer us for all their repair works and feel unsatisfied with any repair or maintenance service other that Truck Repair Expert.

Contact Us

Our services are available round the clock and can be availed by contacting us via phone or email. You can also avail our emergency services by simply giving us a call and our fleet will get to your location as early as possible.

Phone: +1 (469) 617-2028, Email: