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Semi Truck Repair Plano TX


With multiple years of diesel mechanic in Plano in the Plano area, Truck Repair Expert stands ready to address all your commercial truck, trailer, and equipment service needs. Our certified technicians have specialized expertise spanning leading OEM platforms across Class 4-8 trucks, RVs, emergency vehicles plus generators. 

Continual training on the latest diagnostic systems allows precise troubleshooting so your assets remain revenue generators not budget-draining liabilities because of avoidable breakdowns.

Whether requiring scheduled maintenance or unexpected road calls, our customers count on timely, lasting solutions with personalized attention focused on their transportation goals, not arbitrary shop hours. 

State-of-the-art equipment in our expansive, fast turnaround Plano facility allows efficiently restoring your equipment to reliable factory specs. But capabilities of our diesel mechanic in Plano remain on-call 24/7 through our fully outfitted mobile fleet for onsite assistance when unforeseen challenges arise anywhere around Fort Worth.

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Trailer and Chassis Repair

Heavy use, shifting cargo, and varying terrain take continual tolls on structural components like frames, landing legs, and axle assemblies threatening trailer integrity over time. Using precise alignment racks in dedicated bays, our specialists apply calibrated leverage and hydraulics to re-true warped frames and suspension systems to factory specifications. We also handle welding, parts fabrication, or replacements ensuring lasting realignment and roadworthy handling without compromising capacities. Rely on complete structural restorations from our expert trailer repair teams.

Diesel Engine and Powertrain Repair

Truck Repair Expert handles all aspects of diesel mechanic in Plano and powertrain repair work. From turbocharger, fuel injector, and emissions troubleshooting to cylinder head reconditioning and engine overhauls, our bays have the capabilities, tooling, and parts inventory to restore lost functionality. 

Technicians trained across Navistar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, and other motoring platforms leverage computerized diagnostic systems to rapidly trace issues while minimizing guesswork. You can trust precise solutions the first time, every time from our diesel specialists. Whether in the shop or dispatched onsite, we get equipment back up and running reliably.

Commercial Tire Services for safe & Efficient Journeys 

As the sole point connecting payloads to roadways, quality commercial tires prove essential to safe journeys and business efficiency. Truck Repair Expert maintains expensive name-brand tire inventories to facilitate rapid replacements minimizing downtime from failures outside business hours. Our mounting equipment and calibrated balancers carefully handle even the largest wheel/tire assemblies protecting components during essential installations. We also identify casings retaining substantial tread life for economic retreading versus landfill disposal.

Interior Repairs and Restorations

Beyond mechanical issues, damaged upholstery, water leaks, broken fixtures or fault accessories diminish driver experiences and fleet presentations over years of usage spanning long hauls. From cabins, sleepers, cockpits, and passenger compartments to storage bays and side boxes, Truck Repair Expert handles interior repair work and restorations. Our diesel mechanic in Plano replaced cushioning, seals, liners, lighting, climate controls, and entertainment systems to restore the factory feel or customize spaces based on preference. Enjoy renewed environments optimized for operations, comfort, and branding.

Generator and APU Services

Job sites, base camps, and rest areas often lack shore power hookups necessary for operating or recharging mission-critical electronics. That’s why service specialists must maintain supplemental gensets and APUs keeping equipment online. We troubleshoot power quality issues, handling installations plus routine multi-point inspections and fluid changes. Expect quality power supply repairs to specifications supported by extensive field experience specific to generators. Never face dead batteries or pitch-black cabs again despite remote dispatches.

With years of experience, Truck Repair Expert in Plano offers comprehensive commercial truck, trailer, and equipment services. Certified technicians specialize in Class 4-8 trucks, RVs, and more, using the latest diagnostic systems for precise troubleshooting. Whether scheduled maintenance or emergencies, expect timely solutions tailored to your transportation needs. State-of-the-art facilities in Plano ensure efficient repairs, while our 24/7 mobile fleet provides onsite assistance across Fort Worth. Trust us for diesel engine, powertrain, trailer, chassis, tire, interior, and generator services.

Truck Repair Expert operates 24/7 and responds to your needs as soon as possible. Our services include:

  • Trailer wheel repair
  • Diesel engine services
  • Body and skin repair
  • Brakes adjustments
  • Electrical wiring and lighting repairs
  • Trailer interior maintenance
  • Horsepower
  • Speed reducing and Increasing
  • Cummins Engines
  • Cat Engine
  • Freight Liner Engine
  • International Engine
  • Paccar Engines,
  • Volvo Engines and much more.

Diesel Mechanic in Plano specializes in top-notch services catered to diesel vehicles. Our team of expert technicians provides comprehensive repairs and maintenance, addressing various diesel engine issues with precision and efficiency. From routine tune-ups to intricate diagnostics, they prioritize customer satisfaction and vehicle performance. Count on Diesel Mechanic in Plano for reliable solutions to keep your diesel vehicle running smoothly in Plano and beyond.

Truck Repair Expert in Plano

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