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Truck Road Service

Truck Road Service

road repair

At Truck Repair Expert, we specialize in all kinds of truck road services. We have experience dealing with all kinds of unfortunate and unusual situations you might end up in when you’re on the road with your single truck or a complete fleet. Besides the regular services, our team is also ready to handle extreme emergencies where the situation needs to be handled in a careful manner and as early as possible. Each of our employees is committed to providing high-quality repair and maintenance services so that you can get back in business safely, without having to spend a lot.

By hiring the most skilled and experienced workers from all around the town, we have built a crew of the most hard-working and dedicated individuals ready to put their all in so that you can enjoy premium repairs.

We have been operating in this industry for years and have maintained thousands of commercial trucks and RVs over our tenure. Our certified technicians guarantee that the services you avail will be safe, reliable, and long-lasting and after getting a fix from Truck Repair Expert, you won’t need a repair for a long time.

The best part about working with Truck RepairExpert is that our services can be 100% mobile. That is if you run into an emergency while on the road, you can give us a call and we’ll get to you to provide the best truck road services ever. All of it is affordable and cheaper as compared to other repair shops and you won’t have to wait a lot since we can reach the location in a matter of minutes. Once we reach the location, it will take a couple of minutes to identify the problem with the vehicle and a couple more to fix it. After this, you can be back on the road confidently.

Our Capabilities and Commitments

Mobile Fleet to the Rescue

Our extensive mobile fleet is equipped to provide on-site assistance for trucks of all sizes and models. We have light and heavy-duty tow trucks ready to transport disabled vehicles to our repair bays when needed. Our mechanics are backed by fully stocked mobile workshops carrying essential tools, diagnostic equipment, fluids, and parts to troubleshoot or enact repairs roadside. Wherever you’re stranded, our mobile fleet stands ready to mobilize skilled manpower and machinery to diagnose issues, enact emergency repairs, or tow your equipment to our shop for intensive care.

Anytime, Anyplace Response

Thanks to the strategic locations of repair bays and equipment yards plus our fleet’s round-the-clock availability, Truck Repair Expert provides true 24/7 emergency road service. We understand equipment failures cause the greatest disruption outside normal business hours, stalling time-sensitive deliveries or critical operations. Rather than leaving customers stranded overnight, our technicians quickly respond to after-hours calls to diagnose and resolve problems onsite or tow trucks to our all-night shop. We pride ourselves on prompt attention regardless of circumstances to minimize client downtime and revenue losses.

Customer-First Conduct

While delivering technical excellence addressing equipment issues, we never lose sight of impacted individuals depending on restored transport capabilities. Our team treats all customers, external and internal, with patience, empathy, and respect – especially during stressful breakdowns. We communicate ongoing progress updates, provide realistic time estimates, answer questions, and explain repair specifics in understandable terms. A solutions-oriented, customer-focused approach underscores every Truck Repair Expert interaction.

After using our truck road service once, you will be completely impressed and will be using this service every time the roads test you. You’ll just be calling us in a carefree manner and won’t ever have to stress about your vehicle not working properly again. In case you are still not convinced with our top-notch truck road services, here are all the reasons you should choose us.

  • A fully equipped fleet of field service trucks with the latest tools and equipment that can work on all kinds of trucks and heavy vehicles
  • Factory-certified, best-trained mechanics for working on diesel engines specifically
  • We prioritize the satisfaction of our customers over everything and continue to work until the customer is fully satisfied.
  • A large fleet spread across the town can reach any emergency in a matter of minutes and get you out of trouble in no time.

Our Specialized Services

Engine and Transmission Overhauls

When critical components like motors and transmissions require intensive repair or reconditioning, a Truck Repair Expert handles disassembly, inspection, rebuild, and reinstallation work.

Our bays feature overhead cranes and custom jigging equipment to remove, transport, and reinstall these heavy assemblies. Our specialty mechanics have advanced training on drivetrain technologies and overhaul best practices. We return overhauled components to like-new operations complete with warranted life cycles.

Transmission Services
Electronically Controlled Diagnostics
Structural Frame Straightening

Sudden impacts with objects or roadway hazards can bend or twist truck frames out of alignment, compromising vehicle stability and safety.

Using heavy-duty hydraulic racks in dedicated straightening bays, our structural specialists apply immense restorative pressure and leverage systems to re-true frames and other components within strict tolerances. Supporting welding or parts replacements further ensures lasting realignment integrity.

Inspections and Certifications

Changing regulations, company policies, or insurance requirements often dictate commercial trucks undergo recurring municipal, provincial, or federal inspections to verify roadworthiness. Truck Repair Expert provides full inspection reporting including photos plus require any remedial repairs to pass repeat visits. For customer convenience, we also handle necessary registration paperwork and compliance certificate issuances through governing agencies.

Tire Sales and Service

As critical drivetrain components directly impact vehicle handling, safety, and fuel economy, tires require careful inspection and maintenance practices. Truck Repair Expert stocks leading commercial tire brands and specialty models in our onsite warehouse to facilitate rapid replacements. Our bays feature dedicated tire mounting/demounting machines to ensure careful equipment handling and precision non-damaging installation techniques. We also provide complimentary inspections, rotations, and repairs during regular servicing.

Truck Road Service offers comprehensive roadside assistance tailored specifically for truckers. Their team of experienced professionals provides prompt solutions for common issues like tire blowouts, engine malfunctions, and fuel shortages, ensuring minimal disruption to transportation schedules. Our Truck road services are equipped with specialized tools and expertise, they strive to get trucks back on the road swiftly and safely, delivering reliable support for the demanding needs of the trucking industry.

For scheduling a maintenance or repair service you can give us a quick call. Otherwise, for unscheduled or emergency services, you can also get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to serve you.

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